Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Columbia Spas Hot Tubs For Sale Again!

Spas and Stuff is pleased to announce the re-launch of Columbia Spas brand hot tubs. These high-quality affordable hot tubs are available for sale once again on our website here. Now built in Spokane, Washington, by Blue Falls, USA, these hot tubs are a great addition to any home.

With twelve hot tub models and over a dozen different options to choose from, Columbia Spas makes it easy to create a unique home spa experience at a great price. Whether you are looking for a quiet moment of solitude or spending quality time with your family, you'll find exactly the spa that you are looking for. Get all the joy and relaxation that you expect in your spa experience without all the hassles. Some of the great options you can add to every spa model include matching spa steps, a Cover Mate Lift Assist, an underwater LED light, a waterfall feature, and more. It's easy to add value to your hot tub without burning a hole in your wallet. And for a limited time, select models come with a free gift!

Extraordinary steps are taken to make sure that every Columbia Spas hot tub is a work of art. Exceptionally rigid quality assurance standards are applied to every model produced. Each spa undergoes static and dynamic double water tests to ensure years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Columbia Spas features a state-of-the-art shell backing process that emits no VOC's and superior insulation so the spa costs only pennies a day to operate. You can depend on Earth-friendly manufacturing processes with every Columbia Spas hot tub from Spas And Stuff. So rest easy and relax this summer in your very own Columbia Spas hot tub!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hot Tub Moving Tips

Early summer brings the possibility of moving somewhere new. The kids are out of school and you are starting to look at different neighbors or houses for them to grow up in. Then you find it! The perfect house. As you walk through the house you just sold and begin to start packing the boxes, you may begin to notice the larger items you have acquired in recent years and wonder how you will move those. Well do not worry about that hot tub. We have a great plan to help you get it to your next house so the fun times can continue for years.

If you are moving your home with a professional Van Lines, check with them about moving your hot tub. They will have the manpower and the equipment and this may be an economical option.

If it is a "friends and family" move, you should start by whipping out your owner’s manual to see what equipment needs to be detached for moving. This may include the heater, pump, blower and electrical and plumbing units. For many portable hot tubs, it is fine to leave this equipment in place or attached. We suggest following your manufacturer's directions. If you lost those directions long ago or if you cannot find them in the sea of boxes you are living in, consult a hot tub dealer who handles your brand of hot tub.

You can begin the preparation process by draining the hot tub. If you are moving to a cold climate where freezing might be an issue, blow out the pipes with compressed air to make sure no water is left in the pipes, which might freeze and then crack. Make sure you disconnect all electrical and gas lines and secure any loose cords or lines. It is best to set the cover aside to move separately.

We then suggest calling up some of your strongest friends. Make sure you ask nicely and remember that the beer and some pizza should come out after the hot tub is moved, not during the move. Start by carefully tipping the hot tub onto its side and place it on a pair of furniture dollies or a large dollie with wheels. Strap the hot tub to the dollie and you are ready to roll. You will need a person handling each dolly if you have two and a couple more to walk along with the hot tub, making sure it remains steady and helping it over obstacles. You can use pieces of plywood to roll over grass or to make a ramp to move the hot tub from a deck or patio onto a flat bed trailer. Remember hot tubs can be very heavy and you don't want to create a flimsy ramp that could fail.

If you want to plan like professional, you can rent the moving truck with the lift gate. You may then tip the hot tub upright for the move and secure within the truck or on the trailer. Secure the lid separately so it doesn't get torn or damaged while the truck is in motion.

When you reach your new destination, you can just repeat the above steps in reverse. The only legal recommendation we can make is to hire a licensed electrician to complete the electrical hookup. You should be ready to go! Fill your hot tub and begin enjoying it at your new place. You can invite over some neighbors to join in on the fun and kill two birds with one stone. Now is the time for beer and pizza. If you would prefer to buy a new hot tub for your new home, see the full selection of hot tubs for sale at Spas And Stuff.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hot Tub Water Maintenance, Spa Water Chemistry

Making sure your hot tub water is clean and maintained is a major part of owning a hot tub. No one wants to hang out in a hot tub with dirty water. Are you worried this will be an extremely challenging feat? Don’t fear. We are here to help you keep your hot tub in tiptop shape and make sure it lasts for many years to come. Spring cleaning is right around the corner so now is the perfect time to get your hot tub water on that list of cleaning to dos.

You should start by testing your spa water by using hot tub chemical test strips or bringing a sample to a dealer. If you are using Chlorine as a primary sanitizer, you need to use a test strip that is suited for chlorine while if you are using bromine, you need to use a Bromine test strip. Chemical test strips measure the pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and chlorine level of spa water.

The first step after testing the water is to correct a hardness problem if one exists. The calcium hardness should be between 250 ppm and 400 ppm. If the water is too soft, it will foam and cause corrosion of your spa equipment. If the water is too hard, it will cause mineral build up on the heater element. The typical problem is the water is too soft and requires the addition of a calcium booster to raise the hardness of the water. You can use a metal sequestering agent to reduce the mineral content of the water if it is too hard.

Next, you can adjust the pH and alkalinity, which are related and use the same chemicals to adjust the levels. Make the first adjustment using the alkalinity reading. If the alkalinity is too high, use a pH down product to lower the level and if it is already too low, use a pH up product to raise the level. Add the chemical in low doses, as it might take a long time to change the alkalinity. It is important to not overdose when doing this as it will take a lot of the opposite chemical to remedy the issue. When the alkalinity is in range, it is time to correct the pH readings by using Spa Up to raise the pH or Spa Down to lower it. You want the pH to be between 7.0 and 7.8.

Now you can add the sanitizer. If the water is cloudy or smells, you can shock the water by bringing the level to around 10 ppm, but DO NOT use the spa when the chlorine level is this high. Shocking the water will ensure all bacteria and organic compounds are destroyed. You can leave on the pumps and uncover the spa to help dissipate the excess levels or chlorine back to the normal levels of between 3 ppm and 5 ppm. Once it is within these normal ranges, it is safe to use the spa again.

You also need to make sure the water is clean on an ongoing basis by shock treating the water and maintaining the sanitizer level. The warm water of hot tubs would provide an ideal breeding ground for potentially harmful microorganisms if you do not initiate and maintain an effective sanitizer system to control them.

In order to keep your water fresh, you should add a capful of chlorine after you use the hot tub and cycle the pumps on before your cover it. This way, the chlorine will work on killing any bacteria that might have remained after your spa session.

Spas And Stuff has other chemicals such as de-foamers and clarifiers that will help you keep your spa water clear and clean. We have a Hot Tub – Spa Chemical Starter Kit that contains all the chemicals that are necessary to maintain high quality spa water, as well as an instructional DVD to help you better understand spa chemicals and how to use them. Check out our Spa Water Chemistry FAQ for help understanding any concerns you may have on keeping your hot tub clean and ready to use.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Easy Salt Water Hot Tub Conversion

One of the most popular trends in hot tubs that is having a saltwater hot tub. There are many people that still do not understand the difference between regular hot tubs and the newer saltwater versions.

Saltwater hot tubs can generate Bromine or chlorine, depending on the type of salt that is added to the water. Sodium chloride will convert to chlorine via electrolysis and sodium bromide will convert to bromine with the same process.

A few skeptics have compared saltwater hot tubs to the ocean. The salt in a salt water hot tub is only 1500 to 2100 ppm of sodium, while the ocean has tens of thousands ppm of salt. The water in you hot tub will have only the tiniest hint of having salt in it. On the other hand, people who love their salt water systems frequently rave about how soft the water feels and how their skin does not feel dry and tight when they dry off.

One of the top new salt-water systems Spas And Stuff is selling is the ChlorMaker DO. Different from the other three models we sell, it has an external keypad for simple operation, making it user-friendly and perfect for a first-time spa owner. Perfect for any spa, the ChlorMaker DO Saltwater Chlorine Generator features ten levels of chlorine production with saltwater indicator lights. These automatic options adjust for changes in temperature and spa usage, making it easy-to-use and making it do most of the work for you.

The ChlorMaker Do can simply be plugged into a standard home outlet. Or if would like to hide the electrical line, you can add the spa pack hard-wire kit which will allow you to draw power directly from the spa pack inside the cabinet of your hot tub.

When you begin using your hot tub more frequently, the ChlorMaker DO will produce more chlorine, keeping your spa clean and the water clear. The system is designed for spas up to 1000 gallons and can produce up to 30 grams of chlorine per day.

Hot tub chlorine generators can greatly reduce spa problems and issues, assisting with spa maintenance since they continuously make chlorine or bromine manually so you don’t have to. Spas And Stuff can help you make sure thee ChlorMaker DO Saltwater Chlorine Generator is a good option for your hot tub. Contact us today!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When Should You Not Use the Hot Tub

There are various benefits to hot tub use in aiding your health, stress level and overall well being. Despite all the amazing benefits of hot tub use, there are several types of people that should not use a hot tub or should be careful while using the spa. So how do you know if you are one of those people? Read on.

If you are pregnant - According to the Organization of Teratology Information Services (OTIS), a body temperature of 101º F and above can raise concerns during pregnancy. Some studies have shown an increased risk of birth defects in babies of women who had an increased body temperature during the first trimester of pregnancy.
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) states that becoming overheated in a hot tub is not recommended during pregnancy. ACOG also recommends that pregnant women never let their core body temperature rise above 102.2º F. If you still want to use the hot tub when pregnant, you are advised to limit your time to five minutes or less, and make sure your body temperature never reaches above 102º F.

If you have high blood pressure - People with hard-to-control hypertension (high blood pressure) may experience worsening blood pressure in response to heat exposure from a hot tub. In addition, many blood pressure medications interfere with the normal response of the body to heat exposure. Those with high blood pressure should talk to their doctor before any hot tub use.

If you have low blood pressure – Blood vessels in the skin dilate when a person is immersed in a hot tub and that can cause the blood pressure to fall. For those with already low blood pressure to begin with, this could be life threatening if the person passed out while using the hot tub. Please talk with your doctor before using the hot tub if you have any blood pressure issues.

If you are dehydrated – Hot tub use can be a problem in people who have blood vessel blockages to the brain and the heart. The body lacks enough water to fill the blood vessels. Low fluid volume means lower blood pressure. A dehydrated person feels weak and dizzy especially when standing. Hot tubs can cause dehydration since they raise your body temperature and help you sweat to release toxins. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after using a hot tub.

If you are taking certain medications - There are a number of medications that can affect the body’s normal response to heat either by inhibiting sweating or by otherwise interfering with the normal physiology. For example, some medications used for psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia or the use of stimulant medications for conditions like ADD or excessive sleeping also increases the health risks from heat exposure. If you are on any of these medications, please speak with your doctor before using a hot tub or spa.

If you are under the age of 5 - As the MayoClinic.com reports, very young children should generally not use hot tubs as they do pose potential health risks. They recommend that you not allow your child to use a hot tub until he is tall enough to stand in the middle of the tub with his head above water. Using this rule of thumb may make deciding whether your child is ready a bit less of a guessing game.

In order to make hot tub use a safe and relaxing experience, remember to keep your spa water temperature no higher than 104°F and be sure to accurately monitor the temperature. Higher temperatures can place undue strain on the cardiovascular system. Also, limit your stay to no more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. As you are exiting, cool down gradually after use and avoid going rapidly from a hot to a cold environment.

You should also try to drink 2 to 4 glasses of water after each session to re-hydrate your body. Also, never go into the hot tub if you are ill, and if you find yourself feeling unwell while in a hot tub, head for the door.
Hot tubs are a great addition to your home and have many health benefits. Use the tips above to use the hot tub or spa safely and without issue. Spas And Stuff offers a great selection of hot tubs and accessories with low prices and free shipping.

Friday, January 25, 2013

What to Consider When Buying a Hot Tub

There are not too many ways that are better to unwind and fully relax your muscles, than the warm massaging water of a hot tub. This could be one of the greatest additions to your home. The days or weeks before you buy a hot tub, there are several things you should consider before you make the big purchase.

The most desirable hot tubs are taller and can be a little difficult to climb into. To help alleviate this issue, in ground installation might be the perfect option for you, especially if you have a patio or deck area that could fit and incorporate a hot tub. If there is no option for in ground installation at your home, condo or vacation house, focus your search on models that include hot tub steps and maybe add a hot tub handrail.

In order to promote safety for your family and neighbors, we suggest features such as automatic shut off and a strong, locking cover, which are standard on all the hot tubs from Spas And Stuff. Some cities might actually require you to have a gate or fence around the hot tub as well, so make sure you check your local regulations.

Make sure you consider the location of your hot tub near required utilities and hook ups that you need. Also, research hot tub options so you are aware of the cost of the particular spa and style you are looking for. Sometimes a major expense for a first-time hot tub purchaser is site preparation. Even an empty spa can easily weigh close to 1,000 pounds. Be smart and consult with a qualified contractor or structural engineer to make certain that whatever the support structure, it will be sufficient to carry the spa’s load size. If you need a simple pad for your ground and you do not want to use concrete, see our Spa Pads.

The health benefits of hot tub use are also an amazing bonus factor to consider. Joint pain relief, detoxing, increased blood flow, and better sleep are all benefits of hot tub use and hydrotherapy.

Hot tubs are a great addition to your home and are an amazing place to bring friends and family together. Spas And Stuff offers a great selection of hot tubs and hot tub accessories at low prices with free shipping. Our customer service reps can help you select the best hot tub choice for you.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Buy a Hot Tub for Health and Low Stress in 2013

The days before the holidays can seem like more pressure than pleasure. There is the hustle and bustle of trying to finish your holiday shopping and all of those Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve party invites you have to choose from. And in the end you still have to remember to wrap all of those last minute gifts. With stress and a high energy lifestyle and the world wanting more and more from each and every person, de-stressing options are are more important than ever. So what is there to do?

Hot tubs have long been known for their stress relief and relaxation properties. What we have noticed is the way most people feel the stress just melt away when they step foot into a warm, relaxing hot tub. The warm water relaxes and soothes muscle aches and pains, while helping melt away any tension from life. Turn on the jets for the added massing action of hydrotherapy. Hot tubs are like a personal escape from the many outside stress factors in life.

Stress is not good for you, as you probably know. Stress can do more than just sap all of your energy. It can trigger disease and shorten your lifespan. It can cause a myriad of health problems and issues as it begins breaking down your system. It can often lead to weight gain as well. So how can the hot tub help?

If you have a really bad and stressful day, the warm, calming water of your hot tub might be just what you need. It will help sooth away your worries and your muscle tension. You can even bring in a book if you like reading, candles or scent pods if you want a soothing scent. If you have  hot tub with a stereo, you can enjoy some relaxing music from your built in speakers.

What should you look for in a spa to make it the most relaxing experience? Make sure the hot tub is a good fit for your size and shape, and the seating is comfortable. Make sure your spa has multiple jets and jets that are adjustable. These are all great ways to make your hot tub as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

A nice, long hot tub soak might be just the thing to melt away the holiday stress. Head on over to our amazing hot tub model selection to choose the right one for you. And enjoy our free shipping and amazing prices! Happy Holidays from Spas And Stuff.